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Aug 19, 2021

Crafts At Home: How To Make A Paper Basketball

These are the materials you’ll need to make a paper basketball:

1. Newspaper or paper (amount depends on the size of the ball that you want) 

2. Any type of scotch tape  

3. Colored paper (orange) 

4. Scissor 

5. Compass 

6. Pencil 

7. Ruler 

8. Black permanent marker


Step 1: Collect some old magazines or newspapers, any type of discarded paper will work. Then take a sheet of paper and fold it to form a round shape of a basketball. 

Step 2: Start crumpling paper into a circle to create a basic paper ball shape. Wrap more paper around the first ball shaped crumpled paper. 

Step 3: Repeat the same process with more pieces of paper. You will find that it will now get bigger and bigger. Continue crumpling until the papers reach a suitable size for you. You should be able to hold the finished paper ball tightly in your hands.

Step 4: Now you need to work with the drawing compass. When you’re adjusting your compass, keep in mind that the distance between the tip and pencil is half as wide as what you prefer your basketball to be.

Step 5: Place the point of the compass at the center of your orange colored paper. Hold it in place firmly. Spin the compass carefully to draw a perfect circle onto the paper.

Step 6: Utilize a pair of scissors to cut out the circle that you just drew. 

Step 7: To make your paper basketball more realistic, draw two lines on the circle paper. To do this, first mark the center point on the circle. The vertical line should be going across the center of the orange circle and the horizontal line must be across the center of the vertical line.

TIP: Make it look like a black plus sign by using a ruler and black permanent marker.

Additional Tips: 

1. When you’re designing the ball, you don’t have to just use orange colored paper. You can be creative and draw the circle on a blank piece of paper instead. Be creative and it will be much easier to paint for you if you have a basketball or an image of basketball on your hand. Besides, you can also choose any other design over the ball

Step 8: Finally place and align the orange paper onto the crumbling ball. Wrap it around and tape it together securely. 

Now you’re ready to play with your brand new basketball! 


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